Welcome to my Sanctuary

Hello and Welcome to my Sanctuary!


I see you’ve come across my page, so let me tell you some things about me.


My name is Shernella. I am a young single mother of three children, trying to get my foot firmly in the ground and enhearten those who need it, whilst making my way to where I should and will be in life.


A sanctuary is a place of refuge, somewhere a person can hide or shelter in times of trouble.

I called this site my sanctuary because writing is my solace, it is my escape. The one thing I can do without feeling the need to filter or mask my emotions. Uncut, raw feelings spilled on to a page; my thoughts uncensored.


Where others may turn to substances or another person, I more often than not take pen to paper.

For as long as I can remember writing has been my thing. In fact as a child on of my first dream careers   was to be a writer, ironic right?


Do not get me wrong though, I am by no means a writer.


“So, what would you like to get out of this Shernella?”

Simply. Nothing.


I have been through some things, done some things and I’m ready to share my truths. Not just that, I want to be able to help the next person know that, we don’t always have it together and that’s ok. As a current sufferer of depression and anxiety I am certainly going through it right now but growing through it.


There’s so many success stories but not much on the people that are still trying to find their feet and battle things others that know them cannot even comprehend- That’s where I want to bridge the gap.



Realistically, I do not want this to be a bog standard blog, so I’ll shake it up a bit from time to time.


“So what’s the bigger plan then,Shernella?”


You must be thinking. Well, I want to move on to speaking at conferences, schools, you know that sort of thing, but, everyone has to start somewhere right?



So here I am, in my mid twenties, ready to take this new venture on, build my confidence and turn my pain into my passion.


So till next time…


Try and let go of everything you think you are, in order to evolve into everything you are destined to be.




Shernella x

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